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The IoT (Internet of Things) is the network in which physical devices, equipment, sensors and other objects can communicate among themselves without human involvement. The WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) is a central component of the IoT, which has expanded across several different applications in real-time. Various approaches and algorithms for energy-efficient data aggregation in IoT-WSN systems were presented. Wireless Sensor Network technologies play a vital role in enabling the IoT. In this analysis, we delve deep into the essential elements, functionalities, and applications of WSN technologies within the context of IoT. We explore the diverse sensor nodes, communication protocols, and network architectures that constitute WSNs, highlighting their crucial function in gathering, transmitting, and processing data from the physical environment.</p> <p>The Internet of Things (IoT), which enables seamless connectivity among a variety of physical objects, has completely changed how we interact with the world around us. Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technologies, which is the central nervous system of this interconnected ecosystem are a fundamental IoT enabler. This paper overview the essential elements, functionalities, and applications of WSN technologies in context of Internet of Things (IoT). We cover the various sensor nodes, communication protocols, and network architectures that make up WSNs in this thorough analysis, highlighting their functions in gathering, transmitting, and processing data from the physical environment. We explore the particular difficulties.</p> <p>WSN technologies find applications across various domains within the IoT landscape. From smart cities and precision agriculture to healthcare and industrial automation, WSNs play a crucial role in transforming these sectors. We showcase real-world case studies that illustrate the practical implementation and impact of WSNs in these domains, providing concrete examples of their effectiveness. Our goal is to provide you with engaging and content that adds value to your understanding of the Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Networks.</p> 2023-12-01T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Kalyani Patil, Dr. Sudeepta Banerjee A Study on the Online Shopping - Pre and Post Pandemic 2023-12-01T06:15:55+00:00 Hasti Gada Dhruvi Nandu Nishi Shah Niyati B Thakker <p>Prior to the pandemic, online shopping was infrequent. However, when the COVID-19 situation worsened, people were unable to purchase the products they needed since stores were closed and there was only one way to get them: online shopping. As a result, they started buying online, but they soon realized that they had a lot of possibilities, so they progressively went toward it. People continued to shop online and in-store as the situation stabilized. People preferred both online and in-store purchasing, but it was discovered that online shopping surged after the pandemic.</p> 2023-12-01T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Hasti Gada, Dhruvi Nandu, Nishi Shah, Niyati B Thakker Sustainable Prioritization of Public Asphalt Paved Road Maintenance 2023-12-01T08:00:04+00:00 Kelvin Lungu Agabu Chabota Kaliba Erastus Mishengo Mwanaumo <p>The development of transportation infrastructure is crucial for a country's progress as it enables access to social and economic amenities and acts as a vital link between production and consumption. This is particularly significant for landlocked nations like Zambia, which heavily rely on a wide network of public highways, including both paved and unsurfaced roads. Regardless of their quality and construction, all road surfaces degrade over time due to the combined effects of traffic load and environmental factors. If not properly managed, this can lead to costly repairs and rehabilitation efforts. Government organizations face a dilemma when deciding which public roads to prioritize for maintenance. This follows that the inherent hurdle is competing needs within limited finances for infrastructure development. However, the challenge of road maintenance prioritization can be addressed by adopting a multi-criteria approach. This study aims to address the issue of sustainability and provides insights into which public roads should be given priority for maintenance. The research proposes a comprehensive set of criteria focusing on sustainability and assigns relative importance to them, with emphasis on state of deterioration, emergency function, climate resilience, environment, strategic importance, social considerations, economic factors, and political importance. It suggests that road maintenance decision-making should prioritize sustainability, resilience, and societal well-being, challenging traditional assumptions.</p> 2023-12-01T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Kelvin Lungu Agabu, Chabota Kaliba, Erastus Mishengo Mwanaumo A Descriptive Study on Volatility in the USA Stock Markets and its Implications on Indian Stock Markets with Special Reference to Students of Management 2023-12-01T07:27:19+00:00 Harsh Mohan Preenja Dr. Shilpa Mishra <p>The USA stock market is the oldest stock market in the world, dating back to the 18 th century. It is known for its volatility, which can be influenced by a wide variety of factors, including economic indicators like GDP, inflation, and employment numbers, as well as geopolitical events, corporate earnings reports, and global economic trends. Other factors influencing the volatility are bond yields, commodity and oil prices and political events. Being the leading economic power in the world, it is natural that USA market trends heavily influence the Indian stock markets. This paper will analyse the volatility in the US stock markets and its implications on the Indian stock markets.</p> 2023-12-04T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Harsh Mohan Preenja, Dr. Shilpa Mishra Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Employees in Government Sector Organizations 2023-12-05T07:05:32+00:00 Shiv Kumar Tripathi Dr. Ramesh Kumar Chaturvedi <p>Job may be defined as a specific task done as part of the routine of one's occupation or for an agreed price. Job is a social expectation and social reality to which people seem to confirm for maintaining their livelihood. It not only provides status and psychological satisfaction to the individuals but also binds them to the society. Job satisfaction is a person’s attitude towards the job. Job satisfaction means measurement of excellence to which an employee feels contended and happy about his work and the conditions in which it has to be done.</p> <p>The main purpose of the study is to investigate the determinants like encouragement, management, working condition and training as the various facets of employee job satisfaction which plays a major role for employee performance.&nbsp;&nbsp; A quantitative approach is used in this study. A Pearson correlation research design and survey method is used to collect data. A research model and four hypotheses were developed. Regression analysis was used to test the hypotheses.</p> <p>The study found the implementation of independent variables like encouragement, management, working condition and training by public sectors enterprises. for maintaining the job satisfaction of employees in the organization. All of the predictor variables were significantly related to the success of employee performance.</p> 2023-12-05T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Shiv Kumar Tripathi, Dr. Ramesh Kumar Chaturvedi