Design and Analysis of Geographical Attendance Tracking System


  • Sujata C. Papade Assistant Professor, Department of CSE, N. K. Orchid College of Engineering & Technology, Solapur, Maharashtra, INDIA


Geographical, Employee, Attendance, Tracking, Login, Google Map, Location


In today's digital age, the need for an educational system is growing in our country as well as in our cities. Currently, all data processing is done manually (based on documentation). This process is also very time consuming and difficult.

So because of this, we are creating a new efficient system by using software, which will be easy and beneficial to see the performance of employee. We take the input through Excel and process it. Therefore, the main objective of this project is to reduce all the paper work. And creating more attractive report in less time.

This software managing an onsite & offsite employee’s is huge challenge for any administration. Tagging your onsite & offsite employee’s attendance from any location is difficult to organization. So we are implement GEO-ATS is an app and web portal that ensure onsite & offsite employee’s management.


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