Virtual Private Network (VPN) Router using Raspberry-PI


  • Shwetha N Department of ECE, Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore, INDIA
  • Raghu J Department of ECE, NIE, Mysore, INDIA
  • Sahas V G
  • Mujahid Khan
  • Siddesh G M
  • Vinay H N



Raspberry PI, Private Network, Data Protection, Sensitive Data, Secure Internet Connectivity, OpenVPN


This research paper investigates the implementation of a VPN router the use of a Raspberry Pi, a cost-effective and flexible single-board pc, with a number one recognition on security concerns. The observe explores the feasibility and overall performance of utilizing the Raspberry Pi as a VPN router, supplying a sensible answer for people and small-scale agencies in search of stable and private internet connectivity. The paper outlines the research method, along with hardware requirements, software configurations, and experimental setup. Throughout the examiner, strong security measures are emphasized, addressing capability vulnerabilities and providing measures to beautify the security of the Raspberry Pi-based totally VPN router. The performance of the Raspberry Pi as a VPN router is evaluated via rigorous testing, evaluating it to present business solutions. The findings contribute to the expertise of secure VPN router implementations and highlight the Raspberry Pi's capability for value- powerful and customizable network protection answers, empowering customers to shield their internet communications and defend sensitive information.


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Shwetha N, Raghu J, Sahas V G, Mujahid Khan, Siddesh G M, & Vinay H N. (2023). Virtual Private Network (VPN) Router using Raspberry-PI. International Journal of Engineering and Management Research, 13(3), 209–213.